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In recent years, there has been an explosion in the tying of Atlantic
Salmon flies, both historically based and artistic, by a growing group
of highly skilled fly tyers. In addition to Atlantic Salmon flies, the
tyer's interests have spread to Streamers, Wet flies, and flies from the
renowned Mary Orvis Marbury. Today's tyers hail from North America,
Europe, Scandanavia, and even Australia. While these skilled artisans
do tie flies for fishing, they also create flies so beautiful and intricate
that they will never see the end of a fishing line, but rather will be
framed or displayed in other creative ways.

Our Fly Tyers have each spent many years perfecting their craft. All of them have been collecting quality feathers, silks, tinsels, and vintage hooks for as long as they have been tying. Among the tyers, collecting materials is known as an obsession as great as the tying itself. Since there are rare feathers used on many of the flies, the price of the particular fly will reflect the cost of the materials used. Also, the relative difficulty of some of the fly patterns will determine the price. You may appreciate the pictures of the flies displayed here, but seeing them up close and in person will
deepen that appreciation.

Up till now, there have been few venues for these fly tyers to show and
sell their work. This site was established to showcase the work of some of the
finest tyers, and offer the flies for sale. Each tyer will have his (or her)
own page to display their work, and give contact information. We recommend
Paypal for any payments. It's a safe and secure way to do a transaction.

Each of our fly tyers will determine how they will sell their work, the cost, and what display options they will offer. Framed work prices will reflect a higher price. There will be a price list at the bottom of each fly tyer's page. In a sense, we are a cooperative, but together we are The Display Fly Marketplace.

As the Marketplace develops, we will add more tyers, and more choices for
you. Please bookmark us, and visit us again.


Mike Boyer
Ben Bilello

Jeff Dickey

Mike Norwood
Marc LeBlanc
Cole Madden
Lloyd Lutes


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